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Strasbourg Tour: Beauty & Cultural Attractions

Strasbourg Tour: Beauty & Cultural Attractions

Strasbourg was designated “European capital” soon after the Second World War, and today hosts numerous international institutions. Strasbourg’s historical, cultural and gastronomic heritage is well-known.

Situated on the Franco-German border, lovely Strasbourg continues to be passed back and forward between the two countries for a long time. The result is a city and individuals with a distinctive local identity, combining the reputed efficiency and energy of the Germans with the joie de vivre and sophistication of the French.

Best Strasbourg cultural attractions & museums

Strasbourg Cathedral (Cathédrale Notre-Dame)

Strasbourg Cathedral or the Cathedral in our Lady of Strasbourg (French: Cathédrale Notre-Dame-de-Strasbourg, German: Liebfrauenmünster zu Straßburg) is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Strasbourg, France. Although considerable areas of it are still in Romanesque architecture, it’s widely considered to be among the finest types of high, or late, Gothic architecture. Erwin von Steinbach is credited for major contributions from 1277 to his death in 1318.

Rohan Palace (Palais de Rohan)

The Palais Rohan (Rohan Palace) is one of the most significant buildings in the city of Strasbourg in Alsace, France. It represents not just the high point of local baroque architecture, based on widespread opinion among art historians, but has additionally housed three of the most significant museums in the city since the end of the 1800s: the Archaeological Museum (Musée archéologique, basement), the Museum of Decorative Arts (Musée des Arts décoratifs, first floor) and the Museum of Fine Arts (Musée des Beaux-arts, first and second floor). The city gallery, Galerie Robert Heitz, can also be in a side wing of the palace.strasbourg-tour-beauty-cultural

Grand Island (Grande Île)

Grande Île, the historic centre of Strasbourg, France, is definitely an island in the Ill River. Literally “Grand Island”, Grand Île was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988. At the time, the International Council on Monuments and Sites noted that Grand Île is “an old quarter that exemplifies medieval cities”. Apart from the Strasbourg Cathedral-the world’s fourth-tallest church and a luxuriant example of 15-century gothic architecture-Grand Île hosts four other centuries-old churches: St. Thomas, St. Pierre-le-Vieux, St. Pierre-le-Jeune, and St. Étienne.

Musée de l’Oeuvre Notre-Dame

The Musée de l’Œuvre Notre-Dame (or “Frauenhausmuseum” in German) is the town of Strasbourg’s museum for Upper Rhenish fine and decorative arts from the early Dark ages until 1681. The museum is famous for its rich holdings of original sculptures, glass windows, architectural fragments and building plans of Strasbourg Cathedral, and for its considerable assortment of works by Peter Hemmel von Andlau, Niclas Gerhaert van Leyden, Ivo Strigel, Konrad Witz, Hans Baldung and Sebastian Stoskopff.

Alsatian Museum (Musée Alsacien)

The Musée alsacien (Alsatian museum) is a museum in Strasbourg in the Bas-Rhin department of France. It’s been founded in 1907 and is focused on all aspects of (mostly rural) everyday life in pre-industrial and early industrial Alsace. The museum also includes a rich collection of artifacts documenting the everyday routine of Alsatian Jews. It is located in several Renaissance timber framed houses on the Quai Saint-Nicolas.

Museum of contemporary Art (Musée d’Art Moderne)

The Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain de Strasbourg (MAMCS, Museum of contemporary and Contemporary Art) is definitely an art museum in Strasbourg, France, that was founded in 1973 and opened in its very own building in November 1998. One of the largest available in France, the museum houses extensive collections of paintings, sculpture, graphic arts, multimedia and design from the period between 1870 (Impressionism) and today, in addition to a wide range of pieces in its photographic library. It owns an overall total of 18,000 works. Numerous exhibitions are organized annually, showing either the works of the particular artist or perhaps a retrospective of an artistic genre. The art library of the municipal museums (Bibliothèque d’art des musées municipaux), the art book store of the municipal museums (Librairie d’art des musées municipaux) and a multi-purpose auditorium for conferences, films and concerts will also be found in the same building. The spacious roof terrace accommodates a museum cafe.

Saint-Thomas Church (Eglise St-Thomas)

The Saint-Thomas Church (French: Église Saint-Thomas, German: Thomaskirche) is the main Protestant church of Strasbourg since Strasbourg’s Cathedral became Catholic again after the annexation of the town by France in 1681. It’s nicknamed the “Protestant Cathedral” (la cathédrale du Protestantisme alsacien, Kathedrale der Protestanten) or the Old Lady (Die alte Dame) , and the only illustration of a hall church in the Alsace region.

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