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Normandy Culture & History Tours

Normandy Culture & History Tours


Normandy is one of the key provinces of France, and it is certainly one of its richest and many delightful regions. The Romans, Vikings, British, Germans and French have fought over it for more than two millenia suggests simply how much this land provides. Easily accessible from Paris, all of our Normandy tours focuses on a distinctive facet of its rich culture and history. Normandy tours expose our clients to Normandy’s unique culture, architecture and culinary delights; as well as for each one guide within an upscale vehicle to create the most of your Normandy history and culture tour.

  • History

Its proximity towards the English channel makes Normandy & shores an excellent location for foreign conquest and strategic warfare, including during the D-Day landings of June 1944. Visitors of nationalities can witness the results of that day not just at the war cemeteries, but additionally on the sea cliffs that remain cratered with grenade-generated holes. In surrounding towns throughout Normandy, American and British flags are generally hung above cafes and lampposts being an enduring tribute towards the men who liberated the region from Nazi invasion. Landmarks from the much earlier time are also prevalent in Normandy, as medieval cathedrals and monuments dot the location. And in the town of Bayeux, near the D-Day beaches, tourists can glimpse an impeccably-preserved, 76-yard-long tapestry dating towards the 11th century that depicts the Norman invasion of England.

  • Arts and Culture

Probably the most visited places in Normandy is Giverny, the one-time home of Claude Monet where he executed the famous paintings of his water-lilies and Japanese footbridge. Today, you are able to tour his home and also the Musee des Impressionnismes. On the coast, visit Dieppe, Fecamp, Etretat for that incredible views and famous chalk cliffs. Go to the city of Le Havre to see an old-fashioned seaside resort and tour the museums focused on Impressionism. Visit Normandy’s local shops, antique stores and parks to completely experience Normandy’s history and culture.

  • Typical Norman Food

As with just about every corner of France, Normans are fiercely happy with their regional cuisine. Within an area where seemingly endless herds of cows graze the hillsides, it & no real surprise that freshly churned butter, cream along with a number of cheeses abound, especially soft varieties for example Camembert. Along the coast, restaurants offer plenty of seafood combined with local wines.

  • Typical Norman Drinks

Apple lovers won’t be disappointed in Normandy, because the area & plentiful way to obtain the fruit yields a repertoire of sweet drinks and dishes which have been perfected over the centuries. Perhaps Normandy & most typical apple-flavored delight is cider, which Normans frequently drink with your meal. More adventurous imbibers might decide to order a glass of Calvados, an apple brandy that locals drink between courses during long meals.

  • D-Day Tours

D-Day tours run from the 3 hours to several days. A brief, one-day tour allows you to experience a couple of of the most historic sites related to D-Day, such as Omaha Beach, Pointe du Hoc or even the American Cemetery. Other day tours concentrate on the fighting locations for specific countries, like the U.S., Canada or The uk, as well as Gold Beach and also the Caen War Memorial. Book these partial day tours online through tours, or take part in a multiple-day tour from the Normandy beaches. The five-day, seven-night tours provided by D-Day Normandy Tours include all the locations covered by shorter tours as well as the Bayeux museum and cemetery, Pegasus Bridge, Utah and Omaha museums, St. Marie du Mont and also the Dead Man’s Corner Museum. Discover France provides a five-day hiking tour concentrating on the same destinations, and focuses too on small historic villages and customizable locales.

  • Other Historic Tours

Mont-St-Michel may be the second most visited attraction in France following the Eiffel Tower, according to Travel Online Europe, to wish to include a trip to this historic 8th-century abbey that rises in the sea. Book shuttle tickets towards the site daily from March to October and revel in three hours of spare time on the island just before boarding the return shuttle. Visit Rouen, the death host to both William the Conqueror and Joan of Arc. Find out more about medieval Normandy through self-guided tours in the Bayeux Tapestry and the Chateau de Falaise.

  • Tour Information

Partial day and full-day around D-Day sites include admission tickets along with a tour guide. With respect to the tour, a bus or train ticket might be included. Multiple-day tours, for example those offered by D-Day Normandy Tours and find out France, include admission fees, tour guide, accommodations, site-to-site transportation plus some meals. These tours don’t include transportation towards the tour initiation point. Tours to Mont-St.-Michel include transportation as well as an en-route guide, followed by spare time on the island. Most around museums and other sites include admission tickets and multi-language brochures. To maneuver beyond a self-guided museum tour, you generally have to pay an additional fee and wait for a start of the next tour.

  • Getting Around

Normandy is just a two-hour drive in the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, or have a train from Paris to the of the major cities in Normandy. Driving may be the easiest way to explore the areas from the cities, such as the coastline. Some visitors decide to hike or backpack over the countryside. Partial day or full-day tours incude transportation from site to site.

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