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Know About French Christmas Traditions and Customs

Know About French Christmas Traditions and Customs

French Christmas traditions often highlight France's deep-rooted Catholicism. There are lots of traditions, and they are strongly built-into the celebrations of most French families.

As everyone knows Christmas is a Christian feast but throughout Europe, the rituals linked to the onset of winter go back to since the beginning. Discover the origins of the Christmas tree and it is decorations, the chocolate log, Father christmas in France (“le Père Noël”), the Nativity scene, the truly amazing Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas markets and much more.

French Christmas Traditions

Just like any special day in France, meals are a focal part of Christmas traditions. Additionally, there are traditions with music, religion, gifts, and decorations.Traditionally, when there is a Christmas tree it’s decorated with candies, nuts, and small toys by Père Noel (Father christmas) when he visits on Christmas Eve. French children leaves their shoes by the fireplace or through the door for Père Noel to fill with gifts.

History of France Christmas tradition

A brief history of France Christmas tradition is deep and rich as Christmas happens to be an integral part of French history.’ Joyeux Noëll’ may be the French term for Merry Christmas. Probably the most popular French Christmas traditions seen done in almost every home in France is having le creche. An integral part of Christmas in France may be the display of baby Jesus in the crib with mother Mary, Joseph and all sorts of barnyard animals.

Christmas Markets

The Christmas market sells everything associated with Christmas and is generally organized through the municipality during the month of December. You will find small shops with knick knacks, local produce and crafts, gifts and food (traditional mulled wine, cinnamon cakes etc). You will find often Christmas lights along with other activities (street entertainment and fireworks, Christmas music from choirs).

Christmas tree in France

Christmas tree in France

The Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is a decoration used to highlight a Christianized pagan tradition through the Christian churches. It is often related to Christmas gifts. In the Christian tradition, the Christmas tree shouldn’t be erected before Christmas Eve around the 24th of December, and should be removed after the twelve nights, for Epiphany.

Christmas presents in France

While Christmas presents are a rather new tradition in France, it’s a quickly-growing trend. Gifts are becoming larger and being exchanged with increased people than was historically the situation. Gift-giving varies widely by family in France.However, because the 20th Century in most homes, and following American custom, the legend told to children is the fact that Father Christmas delivers presents. He enters through the chimney and leaves gifts that are placed in the shoes of the inhabitants of the home while they are sleeping. It is advisable to write instructions to Father Christmas, telling him what you would like before Christmas Day.

Christmas Cuisine

Christmas in France is a holiday spent with family and beautiful food. Nowhere is the need for dinning in French culture more evident than at Christmas.The special Christmas meal in France is frequently served following the midnight mass on Christmas Eve. This meal is known as le Reveillon, and the food served in the meal varies by region and family. Expect a sizable meal, complete with soup or any other appetizer preceding, and followed by a delectable dessert (usually the Bûche de Noël or ‘Christmas Log’) along with a cheese platter. Popular main classes are goose and other exotic poultry, in addition to seafood. In French fashion, your food will last a long time, be served on the beautifully-set table, and be accompanied by wine. Although some French Christmas traditions are relatively recent, the festive meal happens to be a part of Christmas in France.France as being a Catholic country, Crèches (nativity scenes) are everywhere and therefore are very detailed and beautiful. Many French individuals will go to midnight mass on Christmas Eve after their loved ones dinner.

Christmas Decorations

Perhaps the most impressive moment just to walk around any French community in the evening is during the Christmas season. Main avenues are dolled up with impressive arrays of lights, and tall Christmas trees in many cases are decorated on main squares along these avenues. Some French families do not decorate the outside of their home, cities and towns do a beautiful job of creating public space festive.

Enjoying the Christmas in France

In the event you find yourself in France at Christmas, or perhaps in the month leading up to it, make sure to enjoy the atmosphere. Many larger towns, particularly those in the Alsace region, have Christmas markets that offer a wealth of decorations and crafts, plus an unforgettable Christmas atmosphere.

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