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Explore the French Cultural Events

Explore the French Cultural Events

Best of events all year France is a wealth of cultural activity.cultural events in France are organized through the year.

France is the most visited country on the planet.France is known for its rich cultural heritage and traditions. The culture of the nation is amply reflected through its cuisines, museums, festivals, theatre performances along with other cultural activities.

French Cultural Events

With a large number of events all year France is a wealth of cultural activity. Countless cultural events in France are organized through the year. France has played a significant part of development of modern art, cinema, fashion, cuisine yet others. Paris in particular has played an excellent role in developing cinema, modern art and fashion because the 19th century. Paris is sometimes known as the fashion capital of the world. In France they state has played an excellent role in promoting and supporting the academic, linguistics and cultural policies from the government.

The Culture in France manages museums and monuments and in promoting visual arts, theatrical musical performances, dance, television and cinematography and literary and architectural. The Minister of Culture under President Francois Mitterland, Jack Lang realized the goals of popular cultural production including pop, jazz, graphiti art, rap music, comics, cartoons, fashion and food.

Cultural events in France

The cultural events in France is filled with Trade fairs, expo, exhibitions, carnivals and feast days, might outs, concerts, sports and festivals. From May 12 Saturday to Sunday May 13 the Lily from the valley festival is celebrated with flower laden parades of floats escorted by bands, performances by local and international performers. Celebrating Seamen is really a traditional Pentecoatal celebration in Honfleur since 1961. it’s celebrated for the people of the sea.

  • Sonic Night Festival: The Sonic Night Festival is organized in Rhone in 50 venues like Ninkasi, Rambund Port, Rhone Pool and Plateforme.
  • The Fish and Clips: The Fish and Clips is definitely an amateur film festival where you can find only two categories: the on festival for humorous shorts and also the off festival for music videos where the local and international filmmakers. The Hot Air balloons is an annual festival of Chalon-sur-Saone participated by heat balloons from various cities, regions and countries.
  • Rambouillet Great farmer’s market: The Rambouillet Great farmer’s marketplace is a food and drinks festival held each year in May where farmer’s from round the country displays their products as diverse because the regions from which they hail gather. Gingerbread Museum in Gertwiller features 10,000 kinds of mouthwatering gingerbreads. The Nancy Covered market in Alsace and Lorraine are filled with culinary delights.

Other cultural events in France

Other cultural events in France especially organized in Fort Ticonderoga during summer includes the Annual War College from the Seven Years’War in May, the Grand Encampment from the French and Indian War at the end of June, the July 8 wreath-laying in the Montcalm Cross, and performances with a fife and drum corps in the uniform from the Royal-Roussillon Regiment from June to August. Each one of these events bring the 17th century history alive.

Works by over 200 contemporary artists are presented in a variety of museums, art centers and galleries include functions by Gotscho, Matthieu Manche, Marie-Ange Guilleminot, Jean-Michel Othoniel. A large number of classical plays like Moliere, Racine, Beaumarchais are regularly performed in theaters in France and in USA. French movies continue to be most widely used worldwide. International and national filmmakers take part in the Cannes Film Festival each year. It is the most prestigious Film Festival on the world.

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